Environmental and Quality Policy

Environmental and Quality Policy

Since its origins, FISC ITALIANA srl has been committed to manage its production focusing on the high quality in the manufacture of drains systems and siphons for sinks and customer service.


At the end of 2005, Fisc decides to increase its presence on the market by focusing on the Quality of the Company Organization intended as a whole, complying to the requirements of the rule UNI EN ISO 9001 and offering to the customer products realized according to the standards of a verified “Quality System” and guaranteed by an external body recognized for objectivity and internationally accredited. In 2006, Fisc achieves its goal.

Well-established the mentioned target; the priority of FISC ITALIANA has been centred to ameliorate both the internal productive processes and the external dealings (like suppliers relationships) in order to pursue business performances’ improvements.

Today we notice that Fisc approach is widely acknowledged by all principles of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. The fact that the Company statute reflects the purpose of the regulation gratifies us as it evidence that the chosen path and the policy pursued with determination by FISC ITALIANA SRL are totally in tune with the mission of a company, which wants to keep in step with times.

Therefore, the essential and decisive elements in the continuous improvement of our services focused on the satisfaction or our customer’s needs, continue to be:

  • Supporting, through adequate resources, everyone commitment to meet the mandatory requirements, the customer’s needs and the relevant issues of involved parties
  • Raise the effectiveness, optimisation and improvement of Business Processes through technological innovation of the plants in compliance with mandatory laws
  • Maximise production quality and customer service
  • Reward the organization flexibility of a production structure while giving more attention to the concreteness of results, limiting formalism to the minimum.
  • Raise the competence and involvement of the team encouraging an improvement in shared choices and in the Company Quality Policy.
  • Keeping monitored and improved the performance of the Quality Management System, the Policy and the Quality objectives.


On this basis, FISC ITALIANA Srl has recently implemented an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015, integrating it as far as possible to the Quality System already in place as a means to support its commitment to environmental protection, the prevention of pollution and the fulfilment of its compliance obligations in the environmental field. Furthermore, the new FISC Environmental Management System must support the achievement of objectives of continuous improvement of the environmental performance linked to its activities.

Pursuing all the above-mentioned inspiring principles requires the key contribution of the staff according to their own abilities and to the type of activity performed. Aimed by this purpose, FISC ITALIANA is going to channel all its efforts on the human resources and professional skills of the entire structure so that, through modest but constant efforts, it can obtain significant results.

In this Policy-driven behavior, the desired results are going to be achieved in both the short and medium term.

Every year, the Management team undertakes to review the state of implementation of the Environmental and Quality Management system, monitoring the adjustment and update of this Policy, in order to make it the reference framework for the future Improvement Company Objectives to pursue.