Colours for designers: the choice of those who take care of every detail.

FISC is always working hard to know and to satisfy market trends and needs: through the new coloured product range we aim to propose wastes in 3 different coloured versions with the purpose of giving the kitchen a personalized and refined design, but especially we want to reach all style-lovers’ desires and needs.

This is our leading edge: thanks to our attention for details, we want to give colour to products and to the house’s atmosphere by enriching the personalized and the sophisticated style of the entire kitchen.


Our design offer consists of 3 colours:

  • COPPER waste: the copper colour is available in PVD and pure version. A warm and unique colour to give a stylish twist and a friendly tone to the kitchen sink.
  • GOLD/BRASS waste: the gold colour is available in PVD version and it’s perfect to make your sink and kitchen sophisticated and classy. The brass colour is available also thanks to the use of the pure form of the material: you can give the sink a traditional, lovely and refined style.
  • BLACK waste: the black colour is available in PVD, MATT and synthetic version. Black is the symbol, which excellently fits in the modern and elegant shape of products.

3”1/2 wastes are available in all colours and they can be combined with rectangular or round overflow and with plate or rosette of the same colour, so that you can keep the sink’s fashion design.

Furthermore: the automatic waste with the open/close rotating or push mechanism is available in copper, gold, anthracite PVD and SYNTHETIC/MATT black. This product range tailors the perfect solution in one item by mixing innovative technology and functionality with comfort and design needs.

Do you want to propose an enviable sink’s design?
Take care of details with us.

Fisc, the best solution. Ever.